Fisherman's Landing

The Dolphin is 85 ft. x 26 ft. and is located at Fisherman's Landing in San Diego Harbor. The Dolphin has the most deck and galley space and is the smoothest riding Half Day boat in California. Many anglers have caught their first ocean fish while on a Half Day trip aboard the Dolphin. It is a great trip for anglers of all ages and experiences. The Dolphins galley can seat up to 60 people. In the full service galley you can breakfast, burgers and many other common dinner style items. In addition, they have a full assortment of sodas and beer. All vessels are licensed for on sale beer and wine, so we ask that you do not bring aboard any alcoholic beverages. You may bring other food and drink, but no glass containers or ice chests will be allowed on the boat. Also note that all prices are subject to change without notice. Visit the Dolphin Sportfishing Website